Learning Experience of Six Sigma Green Belt at AADS Education

AADS Education formulated Six Sigma Green Belt training and certification program for professionals and companies yearning for an upper hand in the competitive business world. The training curriculum of AADS Education implements well known DMAIC methodology for process improvements through Six Sigma techniques. DMAIC is an acronym for five different steps of a Six Sigma implementation. Define the problem, Measure the process and data, Analyze the collected data, Improve the process based on that data and finally Controlling the process to yield desired results.

Certification And Its Uses:

The certification in Six Sigma requires that you pass the examination conducted by the International Examination Body, TUV SUD. Once you are a certified Six Sigma participant in Green Belt or any other Belt, you will learn to tactically apply these skills in DMAIC phases. You gain hands-on experience, high proficiency to identify any issue in process management and increase the profitability of your company. Each belt program has its own certification examination with specific syllabus.

Training method at AADS Education:

Our Six Sigma Green Belt Training can be availed through highly interactive classroom training sessions. Our trainer’s unique approach towards explaining real-time examples, presentations and practices of Six Sigma helps the participants to turn into competitive belts. The training especially benefits professionals working as quality analysts, statistics background and quality assurance managers and MBA finance and accounting graduates. In the training method we incorporated statistical tools which boost the performance of process analysis.

The training material provided at AADS Education is an excellent reference for participants who attend the program. Download the training curriculum for Six Sigma Green Belt here:
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